With a natural inclination to creative pursuits that I was fortunate to have supported throughout my life, I decided to take a leap of faith in 2010 and got my first showroom job in Austin. I have since worked in almost every facet of the business, including with some of the industries best designers who’s experience shaped my abilities and gave me confidence to handle all of the ups and downs. Being a part of such an important and personal thing as home and gaining clients trust in the process is truly a privilege.

Full service design means that regardless of a projects shape or size, we are equipped to manage all of its components. We have full design and project management abilities and can tackle everything from finishes to furnishings to installation. We enjoy every opportunity to positively impact a project in its entirety and find clients are best served with the complete product as a consideration from the beginning.

There is a tremendous network of manufacturers that support the design community - makers and designers in their own rights. I try to source as much as possible from trade only vendors to keep my projects feeling unique and well curated. Designers get all of the credit, but we couldn’t do it without all of the talented people who create the things we fill our spaces with.

Absolutely! Believe it or not, out of town projects can be quite efficient as they require coordination and focused time while traveling. Each team member needs to be well prepared with questions and answers as you don’t always have that quick and easy job site access of a in town project.

Although certainly a luxury service, the value of having a designer on projects of all sizes is often underestimated. With a tremendous network of resources for all components of a project, plus a comfortability navigating the process and all of the decisions it often requires, there is something to be said for avoiding certain (and common) mistakes!

We really are equipped with full project management abilities, but this doesn’t mean it has to be “a whole house project.” Whole rooms count too! Otherwise, ask us about our flat rate design consultation package if you are wondering where your smaller project fits in.

We are working on the launch of Bella Strati, a both local and online boutique workroom. Custom drapery, pillows and lampshades are just the beginning of our offerings. With my many years of project experience, I have learned the importance of those special layers in a space. Bella Strati, which means “beautiful layers” in Italian was born from a desire to improve accessibility to those important designer layers that everyone craves. Stay tuned!

Client Feedback

"We met with Alice two years ago to help with our dream home. We were immediately impressed with her professionalism and attention to detail. She really listened to what we wanted but was also able to take us out of our comfort zone to create a functional, well designed space. From selections to install, we are absolutely in love with what she did!"


“I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Alice Pennington early in the development of my high-rise condominium. As a result, I was able to take advantage of Pennington Design Co.’s turnkey service and it has been a true blessing. Alice’s hands on approach allows for throttling of products and services to meet the unique needs and budgets of her clients. In my case, I wanted a broad range of design, construction and furnishing services requiring significant initiative on her part and she and her team have produced great results”.


“We are thrilled to have worked with Alice Pennington on the design of our home. Her broad scope included room layout, lighting design and furniture plans, all of which were completed with the larger picture in mind. Alice pushed us out of our comfort zone with pops of color and unique details that we could not be more pleased with. She is a wonderful resource of knowledge, has a wealth of experience, and always keeps the clients wishes at heart. Each project she completes is given the time, attention, and fresh perspective it requires and deserves. We recommend working with Alice and look forward to more projects with her in the future!”


"Alice is not only extremely talented and creative, but is a pleasure to work with. Our project is still in progress, but the outlook is amazing!"